Even More

Shawn had had no idea what getting involved with a mixed martial arts fighter would be like. No matter how long they’d been together, she would never get used to seeing her love being locked in a cage with another human being to do battle. The brutal and beautiful display of physical and mental strength was awe-inspiring and heart-in-her throat terrifying. She was pretty sure she only took a breath during the short one minute breaks between rounds until the fight was over.

To see her love come away victorious – which had been every time, so far – and relatively unscathed, allowed her to breathe again. And it made her want. It made her need. She needed to have Kiki take her. She had to feel Kiki’s body on her, in her, to get the message across to her heart, her brain, that her lover was all right.

It’s why she found herself pressed up against the floor to ceiling glass window of an MGM Grand penthouse Kiki’s promoter had paid for, hands on Kiki’s shoulders as she knelt in front of her. “I’ve missed tasting this sweet pussy,” Kiki mumbled into the silk of her thong underwear. Her very revealing, tight black dress had been slid up to her waist, the glass cold against her exposed ass and naked shoulders. “God, how I’ve missed you,” she growled, looking up into Shawn’s eyes.

Shawn looked down at her and ran her hand over Kiki’s shaved head and cupped her cheek, mindful of the slight bruising under her eye. “I’ve missed you too, so much.”

Their month long separation while Kiki was in fight camp and Shawn was on location felt like an eternity. Shawn’s trembling thighs and damp panties bore witness to that. They’d been that way since leaving the after party only an hour in, slightly tipsy and incredibly aroused. She dropped her head back against the glass with a dull thud as Kiki pressed her nose into the thin barrier between her and her pussy and inhaled deeply. Her head shot up off the glass when she felt Kiki’s big hands on either side of her hips and then a sharp tug and sound of ripping fabric.

“You could have just slid them down my legs,” she quipped but her words were cut off by a gasp when Kiki’s tongue plunged into her soaking folds. “Oh fuck,” she moaned and spread her thighs wider. Her hand went to Kiki’s head for balance when one of her legs was thrown over Kiki’s shoulder.

She bit her bottom lip and began to whimper as Kiki feasted on her. She pressed her pussy tight against her face to try and get friction to her clit, but Kiki seemed to be taking her time getting there. Her tongue explored her entrance, her labia as she sucked and ran her tongue flat against everywhere except where Shawn needed it most. She even tried to use her hand to guide her there, but Kiki just grabbed it and pressed it flat against the glass, holding it there.

“Please, Kiki.” She was not above begging, never had been. As much as she liked to be the dominant one in their bedroom, when Kiki was in charge, she became a wanton mess. She was rewarded with a brief, sweet assault on her clit and as soon as she began to feel that tingle in her lower belly, Kiki pulled away.

She nearly fell as Kiki slid her leg off her shoulder and stood. God, she was a vision. Tight white dress shirt and loose black tie. Her lips gleamed with her essence and she lost her breath when Kiki winked at her and gave her that ‘I’m gonna fuck you so good’ grin.

“Turn around,” she commanded and Shawn did it without question. She felt Kiki slide the straps of her dress down her arms and then tug it down until it pooled onto the floor. Next came her bra. She was completely exposed thirty stories up, gazing unfocused at the dizzying display of lights and activity of the Las Vegas Strip.

Kiki took both of her hands and placed them above her head and pressed them against the glass. “Keep them there.” Shawn nodded, unable to find words. Her body was a tinderbox and Kiki was the match.

She could feel her essence running down her leg at Kiki’s earlier ministrations. Her breathing went shallow in anticipation when she heard rustling of clothes, Kiki’s belt being unfastened and her dress shoes dropping to the floor. A new flood of wetness began to run down her leg as her mouth ran dry when she heard the sound of another, smaller series of buckles being fastened. The soft slap of leather.

“Good girl.” Kiki murmured into her ear as her body melted against hers, pressing her breasts against the glass. She hissed at the sensation and pressed her cheek against the window as Kiki’s arms came up against hers and their hands intertwined.

“I’ve been thinking about doing this to you for a month. Fucking you against this window, after I’d won my fight…” Shawn groaned and closed her eyes as she felt Kiki’s taut nipples press harder into her back and the dildo slide against the bottom of her pussy lips.

“Yes,” she moaned and spread her legs a little wider, hoping she’d get the hint. She was still in her three inch heels so she was only an inch or so shorter than Kiki. Perfect height for her to just slip herself in and… “Oh god,” she gasped as Kiki took one hand off of hers, lined up the dildo against her entrance and pushed in slowly.

She craned her neck as far back as she could and Kiki’s lips were on hers in a heartbeat. It was an awkward angle and slightly uncomfortable but Kiki’s insistent tongue and small, sweet moans forced the discomfort away. They kissed like that, sloppy, desperate, until Kiki’s pace made it impossible. Their lips tore away from each other as their breath became ragged. The sweat that started to accumulate between Shawn’s breasts made squeaking noises as they slid up and down against the glass in the rhythm Kiki had set as she fucked her.

She canted her hips, trying to get more from Kiki as her orgasm began to build in earnest now. Kiki, as always, was attuned to her needs and lowered her hips a bit, driving into her with more length and pace. Her hands then came between Shawn’s breasts and the glass, pinching her nipples and she moaned loudly. “Fuck… just… like… that, baby,” she whispered, her words punctuated by each strong thrust. The thought that anyone else in the top floors of the other hotels could easily see her being fucked senseless left her mind as it was engulfed in abject pleasure and white-hot sensation.

Suddenly, Kiki withdrew. Before Shawn could protest though, she was spun around roughly and her back was pressed against the window. Then her legs were brought up around Kiki’s hips in an impressive display of post-fight strength and coordination. Kiki entered her without preamble and her hands went around Kiki’s neck as her legs tightened around her.

Within seconds she was hurtling toward a potential consciousness losing climax. Her head dropped to Kiki’s shoulder and her mind was lost to her as her senses were narrowed down to her clit, being relentlessly, deliciously tapped by Kiki’s thumb and the sound of her own uncontrolled wailing as she finally fell over the edge.

She barely registered being softly slammed against the window as Kiki spasmed against her seconds later, her own name tumbling from the fighter’s lips like a promise and a prayer.

They stood like that, propped against the window, chests heaving and eyes shining as they stared at one another.

“I love it when you win,” Shawn said with a cheeky smile before she brought her lips to Kiki’s in a sweet, deep kiss.

When they separated, Kiki gave her a thoughtful look. “Would you still love me if I lose?”

Shawn shuddered to think about that scenario. Not the loss part, but the part of what losing would do to her love’s body and mind. She gave her an assuring smile and punctuated it with a soft kiss to her bruised cheek. “I’d love you even more.”