A little bit of struggle sweetens the fruit.

When Mia Torwood’s husband Tom buys a winery on a whim, she decides to make the best of it. But when he dies of a heart attack during their first grape harvest, Mia is left grief-stricken. She also finds out that the vineyard is in debt and she must replace her indispensable vineyard manager, Jose.

All Cal Sanders wants is to grow grapes and make great wine. When an opportunity arises to manage a vineyard on the central coast of California, he jumps at the chance—happy to get away from his transphobic, small-minded conservative town. He just wants to live the life he’s always wanted to, as the man he’s always been.

As Mia and Cal navigate the challenges of running a vineyard, they encounter a disgruntled employee, unravel an extraordinary mystery, and find a deep connection growing between them that takes them both by surprise.

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